“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31


It seems that I spend much of my time waiting.

Especially with Covid.

I wait in line at the Grocery store or the Pharmacy.

I keep my feet firmly on the ‘wait’ stickers telling me the distance that I have from the next person.

I’m waiting for my second vaccination so that I am “fully vaccinated”.  (Tomorrow if all goes well).

I’m waiting for the public health guidelines to change so that church can regather and I can see all of your faces.

I’m waiting for Zoom to start.  I’m waiting for Zoom to end.

Throughout my life I feel like I’m kept waiting.  I wait for the kids to grow up so that they can handle their lives and I can call some time my own.  I wait for the kids to come home so that I can call some time together.  I wait for babies to be born.  I wait for school to be finished.  I wait for 4:30 so I can start dinner.  I wait and I wait.

I wait as someone I love walks that last few meters to the end of their earthly life.

Waiting.  Waiting. Waiting.

I don’t like this uncomfortable time of waiting.  Waiting signals a change – an end to something and then a beginning of another.  Sometimes the ends are not what I want, and sometimes the beginnings are not what I want.  This ‘in between’ beginnings and endings – the place of waiting – is uncomfortable and difficult.

It’s a place where I am reminded that despite all of my best efforts, I am not in charge.  A place of discomfort.  A place of intense vulnerability.  A place where I have to ‘Let Go and Let God’ (to quote an old AA slogan).

Our scriptures promise us that despite our discomfort and vulnerability, that this place of waiting is necessary.  Not only is it necessary, but it’s a place where we are ‘renewed’.  Where we are given the opportunity to thrive.  To “mount up on wings like eagles”.  Where we end but we also begin.  And we begin with strength.

So I’m going to invite you this week – when you see one of those little foot print stickers telling you that you need to wait – well, quote the verse that I posted at the top of the page.  And remember and take comfort in this in between space.  Because its God’s place and its Good.

Blessings today and Remember you are Loved.

~ Rev. Lynne

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