Salvation and Vaccines

Psalm 18:2

2 The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;

My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;

My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.


Yesterday I received the first of my Covid-19 vaccinations.  I’m still processing this truth in my life; the vaccination came just as we all received news of alarmingly increasing rates of infections in our end of the Health Unit area.  We now know that Perth and Smiths Falls are under ‘class orders’ and we are likely moving into ‘orange’ or ‘red’ zones next week which will further restrict our activities.


And yet there is this glimmer of hope on the horizon.  The hope of mass vaccinations and herd immunity.


All day yesterday I felt like I was cornered in a valley with the enemy bearing down on me from one direction and the cavalry racing to my rescue from the other.


I wonder if that’s how the Israelites felt when they were pursued by the Egyptian Army and faced drowning in the Red Sea.  At the very last moment, when it seems like all opportunities for hope are exhausted the sea is parted and they could scramble to safety.  Just as it seems hopeless in our efforts to be safe from Covid 19,  vaccinations are offered and we are saved.


I am so grateful.  As I got my shot I teared up – not from pain because it didn’t hurt at all – but a deep gratitude that our physical salvation from this virus is contained in a tiny tube that has distilled the best thinking of fine scientific minds in our world.   I see God’s hand in preparing these minds and helping us discover this science.  I see God’s hand in the hearts that are softening towards following public health orders and complying with mask protocols because they really do save lives.  I see God’s hand in the willingness of volunteers and retirees to jump back in to working to ensure that we have vaccination centres.  I see God’s hand in the patience shown by you – my friends and loved ones, as you wait your turn for your vaccine.


All of my pictures today are a story of my Covid- salvation.  I hope you can see the joy.  I know this is waiting for you, too.


Blessings and remember you are Loved,

Rev. Lynne

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    HI Reverend Lynne
    I received my shot last week and know the feeling, now I anxiously await my second
    one June 30th.
    What a relief it is!


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